Episode 22: MGS (Merit GET! Solid)

After giving Patrick ample time to recover from episode 21, the crew reconvene with a special guest voice. Ashley’s old friend and fellow podcaster Nate joins in, covering his experience in the latest installment in the Metal Gear Solid franchise, Ground Zeroes. André and Ashley’s games of choice parallel for the week, with the newest chapters of The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us, as well as both episodes of Bioshock Infinite’s story DLC, Burial At Sea. André’s repertoire expands into RPG territory, having finished the Diablo III DLC, Reaper of Souls, and Sean joins him with the huge undertaking of Dark Souls 2.


Episode 21: Titanfalling Over

Merit GET! turns legal in it’s 21st episode, and the gang celebrates with some adult beverages to go with the usual gaming chatter. André and Sean claim most of the episode timestamp covering all they loved while playing the Titanfall beta, while Ashley gushes over her new PS4 and the games she will soon get to play on it. André and Ashley’s high tech adventures continue with their hands experiences with the Occulus Rift, with André taking the safer route playing Minecraft, and Ashley putting her sanity on the line with Outlast. All the while, Patrick lightens the mood with scheduled whiskey shots and a plethora of gratitude toward all who made MG!’s milestone a reality.


Episode 20: Peach Ciroc and Relish

January marks the triumphant return of Merit GET! in 2014, and the crew spends the first episode of the new year sharing how they spent their respective breaks. Patrick, predictably, dug his heels into plenty of League of Legends, Ashley experienced the emotional turbulence of the first episode of The Walking Dead season 2, and Sean battled for life and limb (and shoes) in DayZ. André, meanwhile, kicks back to days past, ticking Metal Gear Rising, Splinter Cell Blacklist, and Battlefield 4 off his backlog of bought-but-not-yet-played list.


Episode 19: A Merit GET! Christmas

In their last episode of 2013, the crew gather around the digital fireplace for a festive, game-centered chat. The gang recalls some of their favorite holiday memories from years gone by, share their plans for the current season, and discuss their top Christmas-y game picks.


8 Bit Jingle Bells (greenRiverThriller): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q_F9Nrs7ODQ

CAH Secret Card: http://imgur.com/a/Xv3kb?gallery


Episode 18: Adventures in Next Gen

With half the crew sporting shiny new consoles, André an Xbox One and Sean a PS4, the MG! gang spend their latest subject episode in a roundtable discussion all about the respective boxes. Release day experiences, UI comparisons, company exclusives, and more are covered in the host’s first impressions of the new hardware, from the great to the not so good, and forward to the hopes and expectations of the consoles’ long futures.


Episode Pending: Loading…

Hey there faithful listeners,

The four of us hope Thursday finds you in good spirits, despite the lack of an episode this week. We didn’t want to leave you guys high and dry, so we figured filling you guys in on why your week is Merit GET!-less would be a good idea.

For the past several months, it seemed we as a group would only have first hand play time with an XBox One, but thanks to what we can only assume is a fateful alining of the stars, we managed to snag a PS4 on release day with no pre-order. Because of this, we decided to postpone our subject episode for the month until after both consoles had been released. We apologize for the delay, but we realized an opportunity for us to discuss hands-on experience with two next gen consoles at the cusp of their release would likely never happen again, and if it did it would be a long time from now, so we just couldn’t pass on it.

So, thanks for your patience guys. To quote the incomparable Alton Brown, ‘it shall be rewarded’.

Bioshock Infinite radio theater is still on track to be released the week after, so there’s plenty to look forward to. In the meantime, have fantastic weekends!

Episode 17: Best Dishwasher Ever

The Merit GET! crew happily welcome gameplay discussion in this week’s episode, complete with games old and new, hyped and under the radar. Ashley kicks off the show with high praise for Assassin’s Creed 4 and an overview of all that Ubisoft’s newest best-selling IP installment has to offer, André continues the accolades, inspiring the others to return to Telltale fare in the Wolf Among Us, and Sean and Patrick immerse themselves in top-notch mech battles thanks to Hawken.

Limit Break Radio: http://limitbreakradio.com/


Episode 16: My Laser Eyes

News week returns to a Merit GET! crew swept up in pre-next gen console release excitement. In spite of it, the gang manages to cover their thoughts on the ramp up of info on the new consoles, the visible hardware differences Call of Duty Ghosts display from platform to platform, and the PS4’s announced lack of external media support. Patrick gets thrown for a loop when André fills him in on three legendary Pokémon hidden in X & Y, Sean confuses Child’s Play with the past weekend’s ExtraLife and their DDoS problems, and Ashley feels the pang of missing out on Assassin’s Creed IV when Ubisoft reveals their elimination of online passes.


Episode 15: God Only Knows…

Radio theater makes its long anticipated return, and in this installment, the Merit GET! crew tag along with P.I. Booker Dewitt on his journey through the floating city of Columbia with their dramatic retelling of Bioshock Infinite. Part one brings the gang into Comstock’s utopia and high into the tower of Momument Island, only to plummet back down to Battleship Bay. After boarding the First Lady airship, and lose it again at the Hand of Daisy Fitzroy, the Lutece twins follow close on their heels as they sneak deep into Finkton, wrapping up the first act just Booker and Elizabeth delve into an entirely new Columbia.

All ingame audio © Irrational Games


Episode 14: Subject Awesome

Merit GET’s first topic episode kicks off with the four hosts together again at long last. Thanks to Ubisoft’s announcement of the Watch Dogs release delay, the crew discuss exactly that, examining the ins and outs of game push-backs from all angles. An offhand mention of possible Watch Dogs DLC moves the conversation into that realm of additional digital content, and what each host looks for and considers before purchasing it, as well as past experiences with DLC, good and bad.

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