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Episode 3: Axel’s Rod

The last Wednesday of July 2013 has come to pass, and that can only mean one thing, another episode of Merit GET! This week the crew discuss Microsoft’s exciting news that they will be giving extra support to indie game developers, including dev kit features to their Xbox Ones. Sean dons his smart shopper hat […]

Episode 2: Bottles or Bricks?

The Merit GET! crew returns for episode deux. With plenty to discuss, the gang cover Riot’s victory over the USCIS on behalf of international competitive gamers, Microsoft’s intent to return many of the features lost with the Xbox One’s scrapped DRM, the upcoming Borderlands 2 DLC announced at PAX Aus, and Halo: Forward Unto Dawn’s […]

Episode 1: Take Off!

In its first episode, Merit GET! launches with a bang! The gang discuss the GTA V gameplay trailer, Evo, and what they’ve splurged on so far from Steam’s summer sale. Ashley relays her hours spent thus far in the Final Fantasy XIV closed beta, AndrĂ© gloats over the legions of worshipers he’s acquired in Reus, […]

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