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Episode 7: Umpteenth Fail

Just when you thought your midweek would be uneventful; Merit GET! episode seven. Following the usual news coverage and release schedule from the past week, the crew talk their favorite announcements from Germany with the best and worst of Gamescom. Ashley emerges from the shadows to share her experiences so far in Splinter Cell: Blacklist, […]

Episode 6: Left Hanging

Its Merit GET! episode six, coming at you with more news, more games, and more zombies. The discussion opens with the latest updates from Microsoft on the Xbox, Telltale on their new Fables-inspired game series, Humble Bundle on their current EA Origin pack, and the world of multiplayer news crossing genres with info surfacing on […]

Episode 5: Ruffle Tech

Contrary to Patrick’s intro, this is episode five of Merit GET! The crew opens with a quick overview of the gaming world’s newsy tidbits and releases for the week across all platforms. Hardware is the main topic of the day, including discussion covering the mass of Xbox One announcements from Microsoft and the exciting Occulus […]

Episode 4: Face First… Twice

A new month, a new episode of Merit GET! Episode four, to be exact, and in this installment the crew opens with the first of a five part series in which they will be covering all chapters of The Walking Dead. This week covers chapter one, naturally, and Patrick takes the helm of the walkthrough […]

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