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Episode 14: Subject Awesome

Merit GET’s first topic episode kicks off with the four hosts together again at long last. Thanks to Ubisoft’s announcement of the Watch Dogs release delay, the crew discuss exactly that, examining the ins and outs of game push-backs from all angles. An offhand mention of possible Watch Dogs DLC moves the conversation into that […]

Episode 13: Way Madder NPCs

In lucky episode 13, the Merit GET! crew discuss their recent personal gaming exploits. GTA V takes the top spot claiming both André and Patrick’s partial attention, with the other dedicated to Hearthstone for André, and Pokémon X & Y for a very excited Patrick. Ashley, meanwhile, makes up for her lack of play time […]

Episode 12: Master Halo Spartan

With the introduction of the new show format, a month of news floods the Merit GET! airwaves. October’s slew of upcoming releases get their fair share of last minute updates with Battlefield 4’s recently opened beta, Assassin’s Creed 4’s prequel games sold as one package, and Pokémon X & Y’s Poké Transporter app, while GTA V […]

Episode 11: Floating Cars

After an unexpected week off, Ashley and Patrick sit down for a chat and an update to the going’s on in the Merit GET! world. Patrick jaunts between GTA V and Guild Wars 2, while Ashley sets Kingdom Hearts 1.5 aside for Cookie Clicker. After a gush session over the Rayman Legends’ engine, UbiArt, the […]

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