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Hey there faithful listeners,

The four of us hope Thursday finds you in good spirits, despite the lack of an episode this week. We didn’t want to leave you guys high and dry, so we figured filling you guys in on why your week is Merit GET!-less would be a good idea.

For the past several months, it seemed we as a group would only have first hand play time with an XBox One, but thanks to what we can only assume is a fateful alining of the stars, we managed to snag a PS4 on release day with no pre-order. Because of this, we decided to postpone our subject episode for the month until after both consoles had been released. We apologize for the delay, but we realized an opportunity for us to discuss hands-on experience with two next gen consoles at the cusp of their release would likely never happen again, and if it did it would be a long time from now, so we just couldn’t pass on it.

So, thanks for your patience guys. To quote the incomparable Alton Brown, ‘it shall be rewarded’.

Bioshock Infinite radio theater is still on track to be released the week after, so there’s plenty to look forward to. In the meantime, have fantastic weekends!

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