About Us

The Show

Merit GET! (yes, an exclamation mark; yes, every time) is a weekly podcast hosted by four friends with a common love of video games. Hump days get just a little more awesome with Sean, André, Ashley, and Patrick lending their voices to a can’t-miss hour of discussion covering the latest news, releases, events, and their own personal gaming exploits. With every host toting their own various industry experience, each bring unique insight and perspective to the topics of the day.

The History

When Ashley and André, a pair whose friendship culminated from a mutual love of yapping endlessly about video games, offhandedly mentioned recording said yapping for the entertainment of others, the idea was lofty goal at best, but with time, ambition, and a hefty amount of gamer stubbornness, the prospect of a podcast became a likely one. All they needed was at their disposal. Knowledge, experience, resources, but one key aspect was still missing. They needed two more voices. When mulling over where to find such personalities, André wisely pointed out that it would most likely happen organically, and they shouldn’t try too hard.

Enter C2E2 2013. Patrick, on the hunt for artists to possibly recruit to the project he was currently a part of, ran into Ashley at her artist alley table. A swap of business cards and few Skype calls later, and the two were official coworkers. Some time later, Ashley ran the podcast idea by Patrick, who was instantly intrigued. He then recommended Sean, another member of the team, as the fourth voice to round out the quartet. In July of 2013 the group recorded their first episode.

The Crew

Patrick (Chicago, IL)

As dawn breaks on each new episode of Merit GET!, so does Patrick’s svelte tone greet the listeners, and with the setting of the podcast sun, he and his band send them off. His post secondary days were spent at Columbia Chicago where he earned his degree in game design, and he currently puts it to use as the lead sound designer for the independent game company Team G.R.N.

On his off days he enjoys working on audio for films (with his first full feature releasing in October), playing his drums, and hunting down ghosts in some of Chicago’s creepiest locations. In the hours Patrick makes for games, much of it is spent in League of Legends (add him! Irishmilkmann), yet still finds time for plenty of Nintendo 64, Dreamcast, and his trusty Xbox.

Ashley (Vancouver, BC)

One half of MG!’s Canadian duo, Ashley grew up in the heart of Vancouver’s suburbs. After training in game design, she held various positions at multiple companies in the greater Vancouver area until a career shift to freelance graphic design wormed its way into her life when she found herself relocating to South Carolina. Her role of self-employment often sets her trailblazing to various geek-culture conventions across the country.

The time between her travels is spent happily with her husband and her two ‘boys’; a pembroke corgi, Murray, and orange tabby, Dante. The largest portion of her gaming is spent on her PS3 and PC, quite often in Final Fantasy XIV (Maxx Valentia on the Hyperion server). On the rare occasion she isn’t playing a game, she is likely to be found with her nose in her Kindle app on her iPad, indulging her love of zombie fare, missing her days of competitive rugby, and like any good Canadian girl, cheering on her hockey team.

Sean (Los Gatos, CA)

Recently migrated from Chicago, Sean now works as a sound designer in sunny California. While still in the windy city, he earned degrees in psychology, television post-production, and video game development with a concentration in sound.

Sean spends most of his time creating sounds for games, studying philosophy, and playing as many games as possible. He also enjoys spending time with his wife, his dog, and his two black kitties. You can catch him streaming games at his Twitch channel, TROOF_Serum. Drop by and say hi!

André (Chicago, IL)

A recent graduate in film, André (the second half of MG!’s Canadian fare) grew up in Ottawa, Ontario. He then pursued skiing and an education in new media in Vancouver, before settling in Chicago to finish up his degree in 2013. His interests in film lie in post-production and motion graphics primarily. An avid movie-watcher and trailer junkie, you’d be hard pressed to find a movie he didn’t derive some sort of enjoyment from.

His free time is typically spent working on various personal projects, gaming on PC and Xbox mostly, with the occasional jaunt to the PS3, and watching YouTube. Outside of gaming, André is also an avid reader of both novels and comic books. His days are spent in the company of his girlfriend, married-couple roommates, and the communal felines Ink, Lily, and Pikachu.

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